Online People Talking Ep 25: Boost Leads and Appointments in a Down Market

Online People Talking Ep 25: Boost Leads and Appointments in a Down Market

Dec 16, 2022 | By Jen Barkan

On the latest Online People Talking episode, Jen Barkan, Mike Lyon, and Rachel Starratt discuss what moves online sales need to make right now to stay relevant and in the game. Plus why you need to revisit your website call-to-actions (CTAs), which prospecting lists to call, and tips for working with Realtors. 

Here are some key topics on how to boost leads and appointments in today's market : 
  • Revisiting your website CTA (calls-to-action) to increase conversions of web traffic
  • Why we should revisit how we think about our lead sources and why prospects are changing how they inquire with us
  • Prospecting: What lists should we be pulling and who should we be calling?
  • Realtors: Why they are important NOW and how to get started on a new Realtor partnership program 

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