Online People Talking: Deep Dive with Online Sales Academy Graduates

Online People Talking: Deep Dive with Online Sales Academy Graduates

May 17, 2021 | By Jen Barkan

For this special episode of Online People Talking, Jen Barkan is joined by Alan Flynnfrom Davidson Homes andAudra LystrupfromWoodside Homes.These recent graduates of theOnline Sales Academy talk about what they’ve learned in the last year as Online Sales Specialists and how they continue to handle hundreds of leads a month.

They bring us news from the trenches of the Online Sales world, they discuss the positives and hurdles of their positions, and they talk about how their knowledge of the homes and communities helps not only customers but their teams as well. Alan and Audra talk about their positions and what changes they’ve made since attending the academy as well as share their favorite recent stories of interacting with leads. 

New Online Sales Specialists, Audra and Alan, also talk about their key takeaways from attending the Online Sales Academy:

  • How getting feedback in a group setting was extremely helpful.
  • Even though it was a virtual academy, it’s live, personal, and very interactive.
  • How the course was useful for them, as new Online Sales Specialists, to be able to hit the ground running.
  • How they learned how to have hard conversations with customers and avoid burnout themselves.
  • With the three-day format, it was helpful to have committed time to learn early on in the position.
  • Understanding you need to take one call at a time with leads but also it’s ok to automate steps where it makes the most sense.

The nextOnline Sales Academyis on June 23-25, 2021. Save your spot or sign up to join the waitlist for the next Academy here >>>

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