No One Cares About Your Community Name

No One Cares About Your Community Name

Nov 9, 2023 | By Samantha Kellenberger

Recently, I noticed a new trend among homebuilders when it comes to marketing on Meta and Google. They are placing their community names at the front of their messaging, sometimes even neglecting to mention location or pricing, the two most important factors when purchasing a home. I understand that a lot of thought goes into naming each one of your communities, but the reality is no one cares about your community name. Now there are exceptions, and I will dive into that later, but for now, let’s explore why location and pricing should take priority over the community name when it comes to advertising on Google and Meta. 

Location: The Foundation of Home Selection
While buyers' needs have changed over the past few years, location is still the most important deciding factor when it comes to buying a home. Community names may sound appealing, but it is the location that truly matters. A prospective buyer has to love the area of the community before they will even consider visiting your sales center. By highlighting the proximity to essential amenities such as schools, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities, as well as your unique neighborhood characteristics, you can help prospects envision the lifestyle and benefits of living in your community. If the prospect is not looking to live in Springfield, then “Happy Acres” community won't matter to them. 

Pricing: Addressing the Buyers' Budgetary Concerns
“How much is this home/community?” is one of the most frequently asked questions I see on Meta comments - even when the pricing is mentioned in the ad. With today’s interest rates being the highest my (millennial) generation has ever seen, prospective buyers are more cautious than ever about what they can afford. By being upfront and transparent with your pricing, you will attract more qualified buyers. Showcasing your price can also be a powerful tool to set your community apart from the competition. By highlighting your home's features, quality construction, modern amenities, discounts, or incentives, you can help prospects recognize the value of buying your home over a competitor’s.

The Exceptions: When Pricing Takes a Backseat and Community Names Shine
While including pricing is typically recommended, there are unique scenarios that come up where omitting pricing and highlighting the community name can be beneficial. 

When to Exclude Pricing from Your Meta Ads: When advertising on Meta, you are charged for impressions/views rather than clicks, which can lead to different marketing strategies. If your homes are priced too high for your market, focusing on the lifestyle and amenities over pricing can help generate more interest and allow you to convey the value of a home’s location to the prospect before they are turned away by its pricing. If your primary goal is to increase website traffic, excluding pricing from your ads can create curiosity and encourage more clicks to learn more - but be prepared to see a lower conversion rate.

When Community Names Do Matter: The significance of a community name often goes unnoticed, except for that exciting time when a homebuyer shares it with friends and family. In that joyous moment, "I bought a home at Happy Acres!," the name becomes more than just words; it's a symbol of their newfound happiness and a source of pride. Over time, new homeowners will share their experiences in the community, which will continue to give further meaning to the community name. This is especially true for Master Planned communities or well-established communities that have built a reputation over time. By highlighting the story of the homeowner through photos and testimonials, you can capture the authentic happiness of your residents and market the community to other potential buyers. It's not about another home sold; it's about celebrating the people who have found joy in your community and letting their stories shine.

In the world of new home construction, understanding what matters most to your buyers is crucial for successful marketing campaigns. While community names might not be the deciding factor and can be inspired by the developer's own values, location and pricing are universal in the language of real estate and play a significant role in shaping buyer preferences. By highlighting the advantages of your location and ensuring transparent pricing, you can effectively engage potential buyers and increase the likelihood of a lead conversion. Remember, when it comes to new homes, it's all about location and affordability. 

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