Just Released – New Online Training for Home Builders

Jul 7, 2009 | By Mike Lyon

I am pleased to announce three new training series! Take advantage of this on-demand training right now to enhance your selling abilities. This collaborative learning experience will keep you operating at peak performance. If you are serious about your career, this training is just what you have been looking for.

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Social Media Boot Camp

 Are you searching for answers on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn? Now is your chance to take part in the home building industry’s first Social Media Boot Camp series. This live virtual training, specially developed for individual sales executives or those who work for home builders, will teach you how to create a powerful social media strategy. 


Internet Sales Strategy

 New home sales executives…NOW is your time to become an internet selling rock star. New media and new technology is a game changer in the sales process. In this series, learn how consumer buying habits and preferences have changed and what you can do to connect in new ways. Explore new avenues of lead generation and prospect management to give you the juice to take your sales to the next level. 


OSC University

 Are you looking for powerful strategies to implement or enhance the Online Sales Counselor (OSC) position? Take part in live virtual training sessions that come directly from my experience in the trenches, along with best practices utilized by homebuilders across the nation.

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