How Online Sales Specialists Can Bust Realtor Misconceptions

How Online Sales Specialists Can Bust Realtor Misconceptions

Jan 27, 2023 | By Jen Barkan

In today’s home market, it is increasingly important for Online Sales Specialists to build and maintain strong relationships with Realtors. Yes, you read that right–Realtors! It may have been a while since you prioritized working with real estate agents, but now is the time to re-evaluate the need to work with high-performing Realtors. Why? Because good agents have buyers, and with existing home inventory being low, we have the homes they need, making it the perfect pairing. 

However, we should start at the beginning. Many Realtors don’t have a good understanding of what an OSS is or how we can help them. From talking directly with Realtors recently, I learned about a few misconceptions Realtors have, and it’s up to us to show them how we can work together to get more homes sold.  

Misconception #1 - When Realtors call a builder, they’re going to speak to the main office receptionist. 

We are a valuable tool Realtors don’t even realize they have! Assure the agent that you serve as their Realtor Concierge, here to make their lives easier. You can answer any question and help them with any community and any home. You’re their direct line to any new home information they could possibly need. 

Misconception #2 - Every home available will be on the MLS.

Realtors don’t know that we have inside knowledge about every cancellation, every pre-listed home under construction, and every option our builder has available. Let the agents know that they can be the first to learn about every single home, especially if they’re looking for something specific for their client. They’ll look like geniuses by providing their clients with options no one else knows about, giving them the competitive edge and helping them close deals faster. 

Misconception #3 - Registering customers with a builder can put them at risk.

You must demonstrate to Realtors that you’re on their side. Registering a client will only help you to protect the Realtor and make sure they’re documented as the procuring cause of the sale. If they’ve been burned in the past by a builder not including them on a sale, some Realtors can be hesitant to share their customer’s contact information. Put them at ease by showing that you can be the agent’s ally on the inside. 

Misconception #4 - Working with a builder will only complicate and slow down the process.

What do Realtors care about most? Getting their commission more quickly and easily (and looking like an expert in the process) so that they can spend more time working on other deals. We can help with that! Educate Realtors on the benefits of letting you and your builder walk the home buyer through the entire process from the first showing to closing - all while keeping the Realtor in the loop. No need to worry about multiple offers, inspections, or closing issues. Home builders have entire teams of people to help with this so that the Realtor can work with more clients.

But working together doesn’t only benefit the Realtor; it benefits you, the OSS, too. While OSSs don’t usually get referrals from customers, a Realtor you have a great relationship with will come back again and again. Also, a Realtor showing generally converts at a high level. It’s the perfect time to invest some extra energy into building those connections with high-performing Realtors. When you invest in Realtor relationships, it will lead to more appointments and sales. 

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