Home Buying Process from a Woman’s Perspective (i.e. the decision maker)

Apr 30, 2010

It is no secret that in most families when it comes to decision making or for better terms – money spending- the woman “wears the pants”. If you are a home builder or real estate agent trying to sell these homes – you need to know the deal breakers in this process. So here is a glimpse inside the female mind when it comes to finding a real estate agent and a home, from the smartest woman I know, my wife Cori:

My loving husband asked me to write this blog- he wanted a blog about my home buying process and experience. I say “my experience”, because I am the one who does the leg work, decides where we want to be, looks at the homes, narrows it down, then has Mike come for final approval so I don’t feel so bossy.

Schools Rule

The first thing I do when home shopping is to decide what schools we want. I use GreatSchools.net to research schools in the area and to find the exact school I want my kids to go to. After narrowing down the schools, the home shopping starts.

Unfortunately, there aren’t websites out there where you can search for a home by a specific school (school district- yes- but not specific school). In order to narrow your search down to a school, you have to use a realtor. I get the zip code for the school I want and go to Realtor.com and I conducted my search there. I also tap into my social media resources- go on Facebook and say, “Anyone buy a home in _____ district? What about ______ school district?”

Give Me the Details…like now!

If I’m looking for a new home, I will search online for home builders, check out their website-focusing on floor plans, price ranges and locations. My husband teases that marketing was created for people like me. I choose services and products based on the website. I have two kids and not much time. If the site is confusing, I won’t stick with it to figure it out. If the information I need isn’t on the site, the chances of me calling to find out the basics are slim to none.

“Do you know who I am?” – Be Professonial and Follow Up

Once the list is narrowed down based on the information I find online, I will call for specifics or make an appointment. Again, I have two kids. If I don’t get a response in the following 24 hours, I will probably forget I ever called and I will mark you off my list. If I make time to contact you, it means I am ready to buy and I will not wait around for a response. Email is wonderful- I can get information while juggling kids, but phone calls are also great.

I once looked at over five homes by calling each listing agent and scheduling an appointment. Not one person was on time, let alone early enough to prepare the home for a walk through. If I am able to be there on time with my kids in tow, I expect the same courtesy. On the sixth home, when I got there the home was open and ready, the agent handed me info on herself and the home, she was able to answer all my questions and right there on the spot she became my agent. Everyone is busy, timeliness is vital.

Another thing that drives me bananas, are agents and sales people who don’t know the answers to my questions or do not get the information to me in a timely manner. Know the basics and if I ask an obscure question, no biggie, but get me the info and soon!

Most importantly- follow up– it really does work. If I contact you, I want to hear from you. AND I will remember you. I will go about my day- think of a question to ask you, forget that question and then I get an email from you and BAM, I remember.

The internet was invented for women like me.
I can get more done with my kids. If you are in the places where I am, I will see you. If you have a good website, good follow-up and helpful sales people, I will love you!

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