Events vs Goals - Telling Stories With Events & Tracking Leads With Goals

Events vs Goals - Telling Stories With Events & Tracking Leads With Goals

Dec 28, 2021 | By Becca Thomas

Google Analytics serves as a powerful tool for marketers, but to get the most out of it, we need to understand some of the elements and what kind of data they can provide. One of the more confusing concepts in Google Analytics can be events and goals and how they differ. 

All conversion goals must start as events but not all events should be conversion goals. That sounds like it belongs in the Tao of Marketing, so let’s take a closer look.


Events are actions attached to your website with the Google Tag Manager. Here is a list of some events that are often tracked that can be helpful to marketers but that should not be tracked as goals. 

1.Spending more than 1+ or 2+ minutes on a community page (based on your average time on site)
2.Clicking a floorplan profile
3.Clicking on a photo gallery image
4.Viewing a video
5.Experiencing a Matterport tour 
6.Clicking on a driving directions button -They may want to visit, or they may only be conducting location research
7.Interacting via chat – This one can be a gray area for many builders, but this is a low lead-quality interaction, so I’ll leave it off the list of goals.

The purpose of tracking these events is to identify how people interact with your site by telling stories with data. Whether you need to show management the value of video and images or dig deeper into page content deficiencies and successes, you can tell these stories with the data you collect in the events section. Essentially, they support your strategy for website content and improvement. 


Goals on the other hand should be reserved for only the actions that move visitors further down the sales funnel. Conversion goals are first attached to your site as events in Google Tag Manager. Then, only three events should be added to Analytics as conversion goals. 
The list of events that should be tracked as Goals is deceptively simple. 

1.Form Submissions
2.1st Time Calls (from CallRail or other call-tracking software)
3.1st Text Message

Too often we overcomplicate our Goals in Google Analytics, but by keeping it simple, you can focus on generating traffic that converts to leads that interact with your Online Sales Team! 
Becca Thomas
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