Ep 312: Helping Builders Make Happier Buyers with Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck

Ep 312: Helping Builders Make Happier Buyers with Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck

Nov 17, 2023 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Ep 312: Helping Builders Get Happier Buyers with Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck

In this episode, Kevin Oakley is joined by, Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck where they present their new software tool called Foundation. Derek and Luke dared to ask “Why is it easier to track a pizza delivery than it is to track the most important purchase of your life?” which led them to find a way to simplify the homebuilding process for both the builder and buyer. The goal that Foundation seeks to achieve is to sell more homes, more efficiently, to happier customers. 

Kevin, Derek and Luke discuss:

  • Keeping the builder and their brand first.
  • The two products that Foundation offers which are Closing Concierge and Ownership Experience.
  • The technology behind Foundation.
  • The importance of understanding the full complexity of a project.
  • Taking stress off the builder and creating a better environment for the buyer.

You can get a full Inside Look into Foundation by joining All Access here!

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