Ep 280: Choosing to Prioritize Your Goals with Michelle Simms-Reiter

Ep 280: Choosing to Prioritize Your Goals with Michelle Simms-Reiter

May 22, 2023 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Ep 280: Choosing to Prioritize Your Goals with Michelle Simms-Reiter

Kevin Oakley is joined by Michelle Simms-Reiter, formerly a home building company owner and NC licensed Real Estate Broker and now founder of Strive Coaching Studio.  She shares her journey through starting a home building company during the 2008 recession that became a huge success to founding Strive Coaching Studio. Together, they talk about how change starts from within and that it is up to the individual to choose to make changes that lead to success in your workplace as well as in personal achievements. 

Kevin Oakley and Michelle discuss:

  • The importance of expanding your network and building relationships 
  • Navigating the success of a new company at the start of the 2008 recession 
  • The freedom of the homebuilding industry to choose any path you’re interested in
  • Finding the people that maximize the strengths and talents of others in the company
  • The responsibility to make the right choices that help you accomplish your goals
  • Knowing which priorities matter to you and how to choose when to make exceptions

You can learn more from Michelle by visiting Strive Leadership Development or listening to Work in Progress Podcast. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Questions? Comments? Email show@doyouconvert.comor call 404-369-2595 and we’ll address them on the next episode. More insights, discussions, and opportunities in the Market Proof Marketing Facebook group.

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