Ep 276: Lawsuits and Listings with Rob Hahn

Ep 276: Lawsuits and Listings with Rob Hahn

May 1, 2023 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Ep 276: Lawsuits and Listings with Rob Hahn

In this episode, Kevin Oakley sits down with Robert Hahn, CEO of Decentre Property Exchange and writer of NotoriousRob.com to discuss everything from a current lawsuit case that could lead to an uncertain future for big corporations to Decentre Property exchange and their core functions as an MLS company. They share their goals and hopes for future home buyers that include simplifying an overly complicated process. 

Kevin Oakley and Rob discuss:

  • Cases Burnett and Moehrl and the financial impacts both will have
  • How Rob’s MLS company Decentre Property Exchange has been successful 
  • Why Rob thinks builders should consider auctioning their new constructions
  • Full service agents can charge a 0% listing fee through DPX
  • Rob shares what he wishes he could do and hopes for DPX

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