Determining Online Sales Goals

Determining Online Sales Goals

Sep 20, 2023 | By Jen Barkan

We can all agree that it’s vital to your success as an online sales specialist to know your conversion metrics – lead to appt, appt to sale, and overall contribution. What if you could take it a step further and use your conversion numbers to collaborate with your sales teams to meet company sales goals? 

Knowing and understanding how the numbers work together to meet our ultimate goal can have a huge impact on our success! Even if the math makes you nervous, calculating these numbers is easier than you think. We just need to begin with the end in mind by taking our goal and working backward. 

Step One:Get your conversions in front of you. You can compare your numbers to the industry benchmarks here.

Step Two: Ask your sales leader what the company sales goals are for the next quarter. 

Step Three: Do the math! 

Let’s look at an example. 

If your sales goal for the quarter is 100 sales and your OSC contribution is 50%, 50 sales need to come from online appointments. 

100 sales x 50% online contribution = 50 sales 

Next, you’ll figure out how many appointments you need to reach 50 sales from the online program. Take 50 sales divided by your appointment-to-sale conversion number. For this example, let’s use the industry benchmark of 20%. 

50 sales from online / 20% appointments convert to sales  = 250 kept appointments

But we can’t forget that not every appointment set is kept. We need to find out how many appointments we need to set if the appointment show rate is 90%.  

250 kept appointments / 90% kept rate   = 277 total appointments set

If you need 277 set appointments in the next quarter, you can break that down even further. 

277 set appointments / 3 months = 92 appointments per month (or around 3 appointments per day) 
What a great way to set a daily goal!

Next, let’s figure out how many leads we need to get to our 277 set appointments for the next quarter. We need to look at your lead-to-appointment conversion. Let’s use 40%. 

277 set appointments / 40% lead-to-appointment = 693 leads for the quarter (Or around 230 leads per month)

You can break this down by the year, quarter, month, and even day to help you set some truly realistic goals for yourself and your company. Taking time to map this out will be a huge value you can bring to your company and help you stand out as the superstar you are! 
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