Creating Segments in Google Analytics

Creating Segments in Google Analytics

Feb 16, 2022 | By Sarah Simmerman

If you have multiple divisions or build in multiple locations, you may want to consider using Segments in Google Analytics to save some time on your regular reporting.

A Segment is a portion of your users, based on predetermined filters. For example, you can create a Segment containing users that visited specific pages on your website or users from a particular state or city. This allows you to view your analytics data for the segment, quickly and easily, without having to filter your data set every time.

As a home builder, it is beneficial to view your data for each division or region. As long as your website structure allows it, creating a segment based on Pages viewed is the best way to create this Segment. Let’s walk through it!

Step 1: Check Your Website Structure

You will need to have a consistent website structure for this to work properly. Ideally, you will have the city name stay in the URL when navigating to each community.

For example:
Home Page:
Region Page:
Community A Page:
Community B Page:

Your URL structure may vary slightly, and that is okay as long as you have a consistent structure that you can build your filter around. For this example, we will use the {Location} section of the URL to create our Filter

Step 2: Create Your Segment

Open Up Analytics, and Click Ad Segment at the top of the report. (This can be found on any report.)

Click “New Segment”

Click on “Advanced Conditions” then select “Page” as the condition for your filter. In the box to the right, type in your location (select the appropriate page from the dropdown that appears). To add more than one location to your filter, select “Or” and a second filter box will appear.

Don’t forget to name your New Segment & click save!

Congratulations! Your Segment has been created! 

To see the reporting for your new Segment exclusively, click on the “All Users Segment at the top of the report, select your segment, and click apply!

Happy Reporting!

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