Are you spamming your customers?!

Are you spamming your customers?!

Oct 20, 2022 | By Amanda Martin

When calling your leads, do they sometimes mention that your call showed up as spam? Or better yet, do you think your leads aren’t answering your calls because your call is showing up on their phone as spam? 
In this market, we need to do everything we can to connect with those leads! Take a few minutes and follow these steps to make sure no questionable spam messages are showing up when you make those valuable calls. 
Below are links to each of the major cell phone providers to put each of your CallRail numbers on file so they know that your CallRail numbers are not spam. You will want to click and complete each link for each CallRail number that you have. Take the time to complete this now to ensure more answered calls going forward. Taking these steps will make sure that no spam messages are showing up on your customers’ phones when you make outbound calls! 
Call Rail Spam Likely Instructions - 

To remove the "Spam Likely" caller ID from carriers, you will need to follow the instructions in the links provided below for each carrier: 
· AT&T
· Verizon
· T-Mobile/Metro PCS
Here are screenshots of an example so you know what selections to make once you click these links:

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