2022 Market Proof Awards | Best Video Campaign | Fischer Homes

2022 Market Proof Awards | Best Video Campaign | Fischer Homes

Mar 23, 2023 | By Julie Jarnagin

Fischer Homes, a new home builder based out of Greater Cincinnati, recently won the 2022 Market Proof award for Best Video Campaign. The campaign, titled "At Home with Kayla Hanley," followed local radio personality Kayla Hanley and her family as they went through the home-building process with Fischer Homes. The series of videos highlighted each step of the process, from touring model homes to the design center walkthrough, and finally, moving into their new home.

Hannah Worth, the marketing manager at Fischer Homes, said that the goal of the campaign was to share a relatable story that would connect with home buyers. Kayla's bright personality and the fact that she was building a modern farmhouse made the story particularly relatable. As the campaign progressed and the market changed, the focus shifted to using the videos as a way to promote the company and show that it was still a good time to buy a new home.

The results of the campaign were overwhelmingly positive, with over a million video views. The campaign helped Fischer Homes to convert more sales and appointments, making it a huge success.

Explore all winners of the 2022 Market Proof Awards at https://www.marketproofawards.com/pages/2022-award-winners.

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