2022 Market Proof Awards | Best Organic Social Campaign and Most Innovative Content | Tilson Homes

Mar 2, 2023 | By Julie Jarnagin

Tilson Homes, a build-on-your-lot home builder in Texas, won the 2022 Market Proof Awards for Best Organic Social Campaign and Most Innovative Content for their Tilson Live project. Dawn Dantzler, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience, and Eric Alarid, Senior Vice President, stream live on Facebook and YouTube every Tuesday at 2 pm, answering every viewer question related to building on your lot.

Dawn explains how Tilson Live was born out of necessity during the pandemic when the company's in-person seminars were no longer possible. The goal was to keep their brand message alive and reassure their customers that they were still open for business. Over time, the project snowballed into a huge archive of content that viewers can watch on-demand, and it has become a crucial component of Tilson's marketing efforts.

Tilson Live has had impressive results. From January 2021 to May 2022, they had over three years' worth of video viewed, an average of 60 viewers per live session, and around 90 comments and questions answered each time. The project has helped build a community around the brand and has created a tight bond with their customers.

Dawn's advice to others starting a similar project is to give it time to establish an audience and not be afraid of answering tough questions. She also emphasizes the importance of establishing a sense of community and building trust with customers.

Tilson Live is an excellent example of how a company can pivot during challenging times and use social media to create engaging content and build a loyal customer base.

Explore all winners of the 2022 Market Proof Awards at https://www.marketproofawards.com/pages/2022-award-winners.

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