2022 Market Proof Awards | Best Floor Plan or Individual Home-Focused Video | Tilson Homes

Apr 28, 2023 | By Julie Jarnagin

Dawn Dantzler, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Tilson Homes, spoke about their 2022 Market Proof Award for Best Floor Plan or Individual Home-Focused Video. Tilson Homes is an exclusively on-your-lot home builder in Texas building mostly in rural areas. Their semi-custom to custom approach allows customers to make changes to their floor plans, making the video an opportunity to showcase what is possible and give customers a sense of comfort.

The video showed the finished home of a customer, highlighting design decisions, color selections, and changes made to the plan. It received high engagement with over 2,200 views and an average watch time of six minutes. The video was also repurposed into a blog post, email content, and even an episode of their weekly Tilson Live show.

Dantzler advises those considering a similar approach to work with a good videographer and not over-rehearse. She also recommends repurposing content and turning it into a series.

Tilson Homes' focus for 2023 is to improve the customer experience by adding additional touches to their process and ensuring that their employees and home buyers have a great experience. Dantzler emphasizes that a great customer experience starts with a great employee experience.

Featuring home buyers’ homes through video has been a great way for Tilson Homes to showcase their custom approach and provide a sense of comfort to their customers. By repurposing the content and incorporating customer feedback, they were able to engage their audience in a new way. 

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