2021 Market Proof Awards | Innovative Video Content | Destination Homes

2021 Market Proof Awards | Innovative Video Content | Destination Homes

Jan 28, 2022 | By Julie Jarnagin

Destination Homes won the Market Proof Award for Innovative Video Content for their video titled Room 2 Room 001: New Homes in 2021. Ryan Snarr, Marketing Director of Destination Homes, created the video to help their audience understand what was happening during a crazy market. 

After deciding not to staff their sales models for a particular period, potential customers were leaving the models disappointed because they weren’t getting the answers they were hoping to get. Ryan wanted to create a message explaining what the organization was experiencing, why the models were closed, and why homes weren't available. They were all topics they hadn’t had to explain before. The video would keep homebuyers from being in the dark about what was happening, while also helping Destination Homes gather information for interest lists. 

They started preparing for the video by drafting questions people were asking. He then sat down with a sales agent for a conversation-style video, which was new territory for the organization. When their decision to film in different rooms of the model led to transitions that didn’t quite make sense, they embraced the idea, naming the series Room 2 Room and making the concept clear to viewers. Ryan found that a lot of creative work comes out of necessity because of problems on set or in the editing room. 

That kind of flexibility has been one of Ryan’s pillars to success. As timelines, needs, and markets shift, he has remained open to ideas and kept his focus on what people wanted to watch, being sure to be respectful of their audience and their needs. He encourages anyone in marketing to be ready to make adjustments because things change quickly. He says that it’s easy to shelve a project if everything doesn’t line up perfectly, but instead, be flexible and adjust. 

When the first Room to Room video was complete, they put QR codes on model home doors, which allowed visitors to watch the video and get on an interest list. They also shared it through their website, social media, YouTube, and emails. They even took the audio from the video and turned it into a podcast. They continue to add to their library of Room to Room content. 

The video hasn’t only been helpful for customers. It was also beneficial in getting people within their organization on the same page, giving them the same message to share, and helping them understand what other team members were going through. 

Ryan’s commitment to staying flexible, respecting their audience, and answering their questions has led to the creation of effective content that has helped Destination Homes serve their home buyers, no matter the market conditions. 

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