2021 Market Proof Awards | Best Google Display Campaign | Schuber Mitchell Homes

2021 Market Proof Awards | Best Google Display Campaign | Schuber Mitchell Homes

Jan 3, 2022 | By Julie Jarnagin

Schuber Mitchell Homes won the 2021 Market Proof Award for Best Google Display Campaign. They are located in Joplin, Missouri, in the heart of the Midwest. 

Kayla Koskovick is Schuber Mitchell Homes Inbound Marketing Specialist, where she’s responsible for their digital ads and any digital marketing campaigns. 

Before they started the campaign, the company was expanding into northwest Arkansas, where their brand name wasn’t known like it was in the Joplin area. The new market also had more new home builders and they would be facing more competition. They knew they needed to find a way to establish their brand name and to build awareness for their brand. 

The Google Display ad campaign they created would keep them top of mind with people living in northwest Arkansas. The area was also exploding with new people moving to the area. They decided on a strategy of using Google display ads because it would give a lot of impressions of their company name and product for a very low cost per click. They came on strong with the ad when they kicked it off, and their strategy paid off. Their experiment to see if the display ads would help with recognition returned great results. 

Kayla said that Google Display ads can be a good strategy if you have a limited budget and need to get a lot of impressions. However, she reminds marketers to keep in mind that display ads don’t usually get high conversion rates. While they also focus resources on higher conversion campaigns, they continue to use the display campaign to get their name out to people new to the area. 

Explore all the winners of the 2021 Market Proof Awards at https://www.marketproofawards.com/2021-winners/.

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