This month is busy for me, lots of traveling, missed flights (silly me), delays, calls, webinars, proposals, kids out of school, pool opened… I can’t complain, being busy is good…but you know who is complaining? My poor blog!

It screams “feed me please, I’m starving.” So this is a blog reminder to myself. Try not to be too busy to write an article, share a thought, and keep the content flowing. It’s not that I’m too busy to think, it’s just that I’m so busy I’m not finding the time to get thoughts recorded.

Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day and sometimes the content creation strategy gets moved to the back of the bus. So Mike Lyon – and anyone else out there having a hard time going from idea to execution – here are a few tips to keep the blog moving.

  • Re-purpose and refresh past blog content
  • Shoot a quick video – interview, thought, commentary (one on the new iCloud would have been good)
  • Interview someone and share their thoughts (could be in video or writing)
  • Get a guest post – come on, you know a lot of smart people – just ask
  • Pay someone to write something for you – send off your thoughts and have them edit and post
  • Use content from other materials – Articles, blogs, the news, webinars, seminars
  • Post info on upcoming events
  • Read a couple good articles on the same topic? Compile your own article and quote the sources
  • Think of something at a random moment? Record it for later. User Evernote, send an email, or record it on your phone.
  • Post a list of how to keep blogging (check)

And probably the most important tip – make a date to get content created and stick to it. Discipline is the hardest part – I am going to do better.

Now Mike Lyon, take your own medicine! What are your ideas or tips that help you keep on truckin’?