Working with Buyers from Different Backgrounds

Working with Buyers from Different Backgrounds

Sep 2, 2021 | By Jen Barkan


One of the great things about online sales is the opportunity to encounter all kinds of people. It’s this variety that keeps the role so fun and interesting. 

As coaches and trainers, we used to talk about working with multicultural buyers, but we’ve shifted our thinking. Now, we talk about working with people from different backgrounds because this really applies to everyone, not a specific demographic.

Unique Backgrounds

Every homebuyer has a unique background that affects the needs and wants they bring into the new home buying process. In myOPT episodewith Cori Masters from Beacon Homes, she spoke about her experience moving from Argentina. With her specific background, homeownership often meant that a homebuyer lived in the home they purchased forever, usually adding onto the home and updating it themselves. When she moved to the United States, she learned that people here commonly buy a new home when their family grows or they need to update. 

Diverse Expectations

These different kinds of expectations don’t only come from someone who is from a different country or culture. Expectations can change significantly based on a buyer’s generation, life experiences, past homes, the part of the country they’re from, and many other factors. For example, someone moving from New York City to Oklahoma has a different idea of the kind of home they’re used to and what they’re looking for in a new home. 

It’s our job as online sales specialists to be good listeners, help homebuyers understand what they can expect, and guide them through this step of the process. 

Different Languages

Working with buyers from different backgrounds can pose some challenges. One, in particular, is working with buyers who don’t speak the same language. This communication barrier can make the process difficult and even frustrating for the buyer. But we can take some proactive steps to improve communication and give them a great experience. 

  • Move the call to a text or email conversation.In many cases, customers using text or email will be able to communicate via Google Translate. 
  • Ask if a family member or Realtor could speak on their behalf.We’ve seen instances when a child may be calling for a family member. Never assume a young voice is not a serious lead.
  • Slow your roll.Slowing down your speech will help with communication. 
  • Empathy goes a long way.Ask questions to help you understand their specific situation and needs. 
  • Change your perspective. If working through a language barrier is difficult for you, imagine how difficult it is for the homebuyer to relay their needs. Understand that you’re both on the same team, looking for the best way to communicate to give the buyer a great experience. 

Ultimately, our customers are counting on us to assist them. They want an easy, seamless way to get information about our communities and homes. Work with them by slowing down, asking good questions, and being open to other means of communication. 

Every buyer you interact with, no matter their culture or background, will have unique needs and wants. If you focus on treating every lead as an individual with a unique background, you’ll earn their trust and better appreciate all the remarkable people you get to help through the process. 

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