Video from the International Builders’ Show – Day 1

Video from the International Builders’ Show – Day 1

Jan 20, 2010 | By Mike Lyon

Great day at the International Builders’ Show. There is a lot of positive energy in the halls. I was able to ambush a few great folks on the first day.

Tim Costello, CEO of BHI ( and the newly formed Builders Digital Experience) who shared some great new tools available for builders (plus his story about driving Betty)

Jeff Shore talking about opportunities for builders to rethink their strategies for 2010 and overcoming addictions to “b-backs”

Finally, the good people at Graphic Language have a new “revolutionary marketing tool for homebuilders, real estate folks, and their agencies to broadcast, propagate, manage, and track new home listings online” that they are launching at the show – (Robert O’ Shaughnessy can explain)

Stay tuned for more videos coming as fast as I can upload over 3G…

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