“Traffic Units”: A Poem for New Home Salespeople

Feb 10, 2015 | By Kevin Oakley

How do your sales people think about “traffic?” Do they wait for it to show up, or do they have the right process to generate their own, and follow up with past visitors? Here is a great tool for an upcoming sales meeting. Ask for one of your sales people to do a dramatic reading (for a small prize of course!), and then discuss the poem as a group. Start acting instead of reacting.

(Based on “Traffic Light” by Shel Silverstein – adapted by Kevin Oakley)

The traffic units did not come

So the sales rep stopped to wait

As competitors rolled and the wind blew cold

And the hour grew dark and late.


Signage, meetings, EMAIL!!

Specs and model homes,

(but no phones)

Prospects’ drive on by!

Won’t that traffic come?


But the days turned weeks, and the weeks turned months

And there in the model he sits

Twiddlin’ his thumbs till the traffic comes

His managers losing their wits.


And if you walk by that model now,

You may think it’s rather strange

To see him there with a hopeful gaze

With the very same smile on his very same face

As he patiently wonders if he’ll be replaced

Andwaits for the traffic to come.

Kevin Oakley
Managing Partner

Kevin Oakley

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