2022 Market Proof Awards | Video Email Superstar | Creative Homes

2022 Market Proof Awards | Video Email Superstar | Creative Homes

Mar 15, 2023 | By Julie Jarnagin

Olga Walker, Online Sales Counselor for Creative Homes, won the 2022 Market Proof Award for Video Email Superstar! Creative Homes builds in the eastern Twin Cities and western Wisconsin. Olga was also named the Online Sales Rookie of the Year at the Nationals last year. 

Olga uses video email to introduce herself to leads, which helps home buyers see that she’s a real person they can trust. However, she goes beyond just using video email in the short-term follow-up process with leads. She also uses video in a variety of other ways, including introducing other departments, talking about their processes, sharing what makes Creative Homes unique, and providing all kinds of educational videos on things like their warranty program and included home features. By bringing multiple parts of the business to life, Olga uses video to ease any concerns potential buyers may have.

At Creative Homes, Olga uses video to focus on the things that set Creative apart from other builders–their unrivaled plan options, market-leading design studio, and unmatched customer experience. That great customer experience begins with their interactions with Olga. Her personal touch through tools like video puts buyers at ease and allows them to open up more during the process.

In today's uncertain market, personalization is key, and video helps to connect with potential buyers. Olga likes to keep the initial video short, similar to a trailer or teaser, to pique the buyer's interest and encourage further conversation. Olga also changes up the background of her videos, showcasing onsite construction or homesites to give buyers a better sense of the community they may be interested in.

Making outbound phone calls or recording videos can feel awkward at first, but Olga recommends adding some emotion and joy into interactions to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Her hard work and video skills have paid off, and she’s been able to serve both the needs of her builder and their home buyers. 

Explore all winners of the 2022 Market Proof Awards at https://www.marketproofawards.com/pages/2022-award-winners.

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