Win Seth Godin’s New Book – Linchpin

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Mike Lyon
 February 12, 2010

UPDATE: Most of this conversation is happening on Facebook – check it out here and join the conversation

Are you indispensable? Tell me why and you can win a copy of Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin. Watch the video for details and leave a comment, send a tweet, post on Facebook. Bonus points if you leave a video comment.

See Seth Godin talk about his book here:

  • suepublicover

    Hey, Mike, I AM a linchpin. I am the conduit between the thinkers and doers in my company and the clients who need our help. I interpret what the Creatives think about so that the Clients can understand the thinking and strategy behind it. Seth says the linchpin is the one who doesn't just follow rules, but is a free thinker focused on solutions. I work as a rainmaker, which means I need to listen and respond to individuals, scrap the cookie-cutter thinking, and deliver results. That doesn't happen with a rule follower. Pick me! Pick me!!

  • You are an artist Sue! A definite Linchpin.

  • Hey Mike, am I a indispensable? Surely not. Anyone can do what I do. They just choose not to, so I'm lucky.

    To be indispensable you need to make your company money. That's the bottom line. What boss, in his / her right mind would cut loose a profit center?

    If you can do some things that others can't, that's a good start.

    Homebuilding professionals, IMHO, should do more to distinguish their skill sets – find a niche skill and be better than anyone else.

    My two cents:)

  • Make your company money – love it!

  • And the winners are….Paul Silverman (the first to post a video) and Racheal Ashley for her passionate post 🙂 Way to go guys. Copy of Linchpin on the way.