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May 4, 2017

Google Analytics Custom Alerts – Your Digital Marketing Check Engine Light

How many of my fellow marketers have received an email, text, phone call or knock on your door with the question…”Hey, can you check on Community XYZ… […]

April 25, 2017

How To Be More Likable

Mike recently published an article with Professional Builder Magazine that shared 11 ways to be more likable over the phone and in your emails. Working with […]

April 19, 2017

DYC Live! ☎️ Good Call 📵 Bad Call with Mike & Jen

Mike and Jen are at it again! This time they role play what bad and good phone calls sound like, how to perfect the art of the call like a pro, and some helpful […]

April 16, 2017

Free Event in Dallas for New Home Marketers

Owners, VPs, or marketing pros, There is a special event taking place in Dallas Texas on May 16th that you won’t want to miss.
PLUS it’s completely […]

April 6, 2017

Track Results For Everything Digital with UTM Codes

Accurate tracking is vital to the success for every home builder’s online marketing program. Whether you are working with a shoe-string budget or have an unli […]

April 3, 2017

DYC Live! 🎥 Jeff Shore Interview with Mike Lyon

Join Mike as he talks shop with an industry titan. Learn what makes Jeff tick, how he creates success every day, and why he likes Waffle House so much!

Show N […]

March 23, 2017

Metrics That (Almost) Matter

At this point you’ve most likely seen me give a talk or have read my Professional Builder article on metrics that matter for new home marketing and sales. To […]

March 17, 2017

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Custom Google Analytics Channel Groupings

It’s Monday morning at 9:45.
You are already on your second cup of coffee when you (soon regretfully) check your email. The subject line reads… “Need […]

March 8, 2017

DYC Live – The Spring Challenge Episode

Spring is in the air, and that doesn’t just mean that it is time to clean out your closets! Mike and Jen have a special spring challenge for you:

Show N […]

March 6, 2017

Polishing Nails to Appointments & Sales

Something that most people don’t know about me was that I used to be a nail technician.  My mom had this great idea the summer after I graduated high school. […]

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