(video) What Are Your Model Hours?

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Mike Lyon
 September 7, 2011

When a prospect asks, “What are your model hours?”, what are they really asking? You can’t just regurgitate your hours and hang up the phone, you really need to get to the heart of the matter.

This is one of the most important (and expensive) decisions they will ever make. By simply giving out model hours, we are missing the mark and an opportunity to help them through their decision.

Don’t make is sound like they can just pop in. Is this a frozen yogurt shop? Are they stopping by the Gap for a $30 pair of jeans? In general brokerage you need an appointment. When you are making an investment decision, talking with your CPA, or anything that requires deliberation and decisions you have to set an appointment. Here are a few dialogues that you can use to turn the question, “Hey, when are your models open?” into an appointment.

  • Ronda Conger

    Mike Lyon WE are CRUSHING on you and this post!! Love the CBH Girls

    • Glad you like it Ronda. Means a lot from the girls who are on the cover of Linchpin.

  • Shayne Templet

    I understand where the controversy comes in with your idea. I think that one of the biggest hurdles builders are facing in this tough (and I mean TOUGH) market is having the guts to get outside of the “box” and outside of their comfort zone. There is only one way (in my humble opinion) to close deals right now, and that is BY APPOINTMENT FACE TO FACE. You have taken a 20 second phone call, and turned it into something of value that a skilled New Home Sales Professional can sink their teeth into. Not only that, but in some way you are creating urgency by showing the prospect your busy, and the best way for them to get solid info is by an appointment. I’m emailing my webmaster right now to remove the hours off of our site. Great thinking here Mike!
    Shayne Templet
    Chief Operating Officer
    Woodland Homes of Huntsville, Inc.

    • Shayne – thanks for taking the time to write this response. You are exactly right – deals are happening in the flesh. Let me know how it goes taking the hours off of your website. Thanks!

  • Rick Storlie


    I love the thinking. You are so right. Great idea and I’m going to share the post with my database.