Video Round Up: Sales Central at the International Builders’ Show

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Mike Lyon
 January 23, 2013

IBS 2013 is off to great start, and we are having a blast here in Las Vegas. Sales Central was a huge hit  on Day 1 and while things are pretty hectic here, I wanted to take a moment to shoot a few videos on the run to share from the show.

Anthony Grasst of Home Street Bank, prepares to speak at the Sales Central International Builders Shows in Las Vegas, NV. Grasst will be speaking about what sales people need to know about financing. He takes a whole new approach to this subject, skipping the technical aspect and focusing in on how to speak emotionally to people based on their demographics.

Jeff Shore shares the biggest take away from the pulse report he just delivered at IBS in Las Vegas. Jeff’s advice “protect your margins, lower your incentives, go back to value purity”.

Sonora Munks, Steve Bunce, and Tom Vetter introduce Sales Central. Steve describes Sales Central as a destination for those hungry for sales and marketing ideas in the new home residential industry.

  • Mike,
    You are the MAN and the LEGEND! Thanks for all your help in promoting the Sales Central @ IBS and for the packed house that you, Anthony Grasst of Homestreet Bank, Myers Barnes, Jeff Shore, & Dennis O’Neil provided to make Day 1 a huge success!
    I have some pics I’ll be Tweeting shortly, so be sure to follow me on Twitter.

    • What a great event. Steve – awesome job by the team!