[Video] All Leads Are NOT Equal

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Mike Lyon
 April 7, 2015

Not all leads are created equal, so you need to create separate follow up processes for different kinds of leads. Don’t confuse a lack of response for the prospect not being interested. You may simply not be maximizing your follow up effectiveness. Watch the video below for examples of exactly what I mean.

Take some time today or later this week to create a deeper approach to how you respond to each major type of lead. Don’t try to create artificial intelligence, but take action on what makes the most sense. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results you’ll see.

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  • Blair Kuhnen

    Great post/video Mike! One of the best quotes that supports your position on leads comes from my friend Clint Henderson (at HotOn) with regard to leads not being followed-up, “They are going to buy, just not from you,”

    A little harsh maybe, but spot on. While less than 5% of visitors will fill out lead forms, those that do are clearly in-market. We produce a lot of leads at NewHomesource.com, but follow-up is what makes the difference.

    Thank you for helping builders across the U.S. improve their online sales process. You have made a real difference for many builders.


    • Thanks for the note Blair. You are right…they will buy somewhere. Hope you are well!