Presale Without Fail by Kevin Oakley
Investment: Free Download Originally written in 2011, this all new expanded and updated 2.0 version goes even further in-depth! This amazing resource has already been downloaded thousands of times by real estate professionals all over the world. Learn the secret to launching new communities and phases with maximum results! Stop leaving your new community grand openings to chance. No matter what kind of project you are about to break ground on, you’ll want to have this book by your side. Kevin breaks down his process from beginning to end so that nothing is left to chance. New home sales is often a game of momentum. Why leave it to chance? Grab this book and get ready for sales to take off! Available for a limited time as a free download.

In this fantastic FREE resource you’ll learn:

    • The Presale Without Fail launch process
    • Proven ways to explode your sales on day 1 and beyond
    • A breakdown of each important step from beginning to end
    • Over seven years of study and insight into how to maximize results
    • A detailed overview of the Presale Without Fail process
    • Common mistakes in new community launches and how to avoid them
    • And much, much more…


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Praise for Presale Without Fail:
No one is more provocative or passionate about marketing new homes than Kevin Oakley. This ebook is not simply about marketing though; it is about psychological influence and choosing the right objectives to launch an effective presale campaign. Kevin has captured a simple formula that he manages to teach in a remarkably enchanting way. Learn the lessons, and you’ll become a more successful marketer.
Myers Barnes // Myers Barnes Associates
My team has consistently used this process to sell multiple homes on day 1 – regardless of location!
Lorrie Crummie // Division President - S&A Homes
I just pre-sold more than 50% of my project in less than 5 days! I will be executing Kevin’s strategy with every project that comes across my plate.
Chris Murphy // Director of Marketing - Point Ruston
Kevin is a gem in the homebuilding industry – he really ‘gets’ marketing, people, and technology. Then he combines all those elements into processes that consistently work!
Dave Clements // CEO - Lasso Data Systems