Sales management is a tough job. It can suck the life out of you and leave you empty, with little or nothing to give back. But in order for your team to perform to their potential, you have to continually achieve yours.

If you’ve been feeling drained of management motivators, check out Cole Lindbergh, the 25 year-old Games Manager at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. This guy totally gets leadership:

“People don’t come to park to play games. Our attitude will directly reflect whether or not someone will play the game in our department. That’s why it’s important to always keep them motivated and keep them happy because it will 100 percent affect the sale!”

He understands what it takes to motivate a staff of employees who are trying to get people to play those midway games in order to win a stuffed animal. He oversees the hiring, training, and management for 100 staff, trying to energize the team in the lowest revenue-producing department in the park.

And you thought your job was tough!

If your job is to motivate and energize anyone—and if you’re in management, it definitely is—listen to this podcast of “This American Life”

It’s rare to find someone who loves his job as much as Cole does. So if you find that person, recruit him or her immediately!

And check out Cole’s Leadership Tips in this video

“When looking for new employees, I’m looking for the most outgoing, most enthusiastic, most exciting people around,” says Cole, who started working summers at Worlds of Fun when he was 14.

Cole also recognizes the importance of delivering the right training. “Training day is the single most important day of the season. It’s my first day to get you excited about the job. For returning employees, it’s my first chance to get you excited about the new season. Everyone should feel confident in knowing what my expectations are, what their expectations for the job should be, and how much fun we’re going to have this summer.”

Check out the video below to see another way that Cole motivated his staff to achieve a goal. Would you let your team do this to you?

Finally, watch this video of a guy who really loves his job!

A top-performing team begins with you recruiting top performers, and then keeping them motivated to deliver. If you play it like Cole Lindbergh, everyone wins.

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