Wilshire HomesVisit www.builtaroundyou.com by Wilshire Homes and you’ll see why I’m looking over my shoulder. OK, maybe I’m not that worried about my job but this is a cool feature! They created a microsite to encourage interaction with a “Virtual” Online Sales Counselor named Sheila. Wilshire reports that online leads have increased by %13.54. Not too shabby, and if anything – it is an innovative feature for a homebuilder.

Wilshire_thumbI took a test drive acting as a customer – the end result produces a housing report (view my report) that you can email to a friend, email to a wilshire associate, or print. I like the options. Obviously, they couldn’t list every variation in the scripts but covered most of the important qualifying questions – at least to get a customer pointed in the right direction.

Below are the results from Wilshire Homes in the case study by Marketing Sherpa:


Texas homebuyers are loving the microsite and Sheila’s down-home hospitality. At first, Horne (Wilshire’s President) had set goals that were mostly related to stickiness, but he was elated to see the microsite lift online sales leads by 13.54%. Even more interesting is that 2% of the site-generated leads actually complete their purchase online — sight unseen.

Additionally, site-generated customers visit an average of six homes before making a purchase, while offline leads look at 15. “It tells you that the knowledge the site users are getting is beneficial, which allows our sales team to achieve higher efficiency,” Horne says.

Other stats:

  • 56.2% who start the lead generation process complete the entire demonstration and receive their housing report.
  • 11.17% print their report or forward it to a friend.
  • 3.14% email their report to a Wilshire Home sales rep for follow-up.
  • Users spend an average of 6 minutes on the microsite.