A recent article by Clickz shows the trend in Real Estate advertising and the shift from traditional to online sources:

The Web has put the real estate ad industry in constant flux in recent years, and a new Borrell Associates report indicates there are no signs of things settling any time soon. Indeed, online real estate ad spending is expected to grow from $2 billion this year to $3 billion by 2010, rising from a 17.7 percent share of all real estate ad spending to 32.1 percent. Read the full article here >>

So the question is – What is your strategy to ensure you are not left in the wake of other homebuilders? Are you taking advantage of every resource and allocating enough of your budget to online sources?

If most buyers start or conduct their new home search online – will they find you? If so, keep it up. Make sure that you follow the latest trends and constantly optimize your online campaigns.

If not, start today!

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