A new report at USAToday talks about the positive growth in the Tulsa housing market. This is exciting news for us (we build in Tulsa TulsaMarketMetro) and something that we can use in our marketing materials. It compares our market to other states and gives examples of buyers who sold their house and moved here.

Because we have managed our leads effectively, I will now be able to segment my list specifically for out-of-state buyers and send them an email with this article today – the same day the article came out.

If we didn’t have a program like this set up – what would I do? Print off the article and show it to our walk-in traffic. Not many out-of-state buyers walking into the models. Now I can leverage this information to invoke a response from the relocation buyers who have shown interest over the past 2 years.

This is a great example of how you can manage incoming leads effectively, segment your buyers and create the unique message for each market.

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