This blog is born out of necessity. There is a huge need for a blog dedicated to the tools, tips and best practices of selling new homes online. I’m talking about a highly focused source for Online Sales Counselors and those who manage the Online Sales Program and Internet Marketing for their builder.

And here is the kicker – I want to give it from the perspective of someone who actually works in the field.

So why me? I started in 2005 and implemented an Online Sales Program from the ground up. I handle all of the Online Marketing as well as the internet leads for the largest builder in Northeast Oklahoma >> Our program is still a “work in progress” but we have seen undeniable results that validate our program. My background is in web development, sales and marketing and I am truly passionate about the opportunities for builders who invest in an Online Sales Program.

This is a community project – I hope to get the conversation started but I would love to hear from you! What works, what doesn’t, what you see, what problems you have and what you enjoy! Let’s get this party started.

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