This week we take a deep dive into unattended access. We mentioned it briefly on episode 62, but there were a slew of follow-up questions. We talk about set-up options, pros and cons, how to make it work, and what it means for the future of real estate. Plus… we have been trying to shorten the Story Time segment but it’s hard when there are so many interesting tangents. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Weigh in on if we should cut or keep Story Time in the Market Proof Marketing Facebook group.

Story Time (1:12)

  • Kevin talks brand preference. He chooses which brands can serve him ads on Facebook; plus, what he plans on doing with his new Apple Card.
  • Andrew compares authentic vs. inauthentic brand experience.
  • Becca is selling her old house and wishes she had an electronic lockbox. Plus, how her listing was duplicated on a different site at a different price. 🤯

News: (18:04)

360 Topic of the Week – Unattended Access (25:57)

What is unattended access and is this even the right term to use?

Set-up options:

Unattended Access in the News

DYC team discussion/debate

  • Humans vs. No Humans
  • On Demand Showings vs. Schedule a Tour
  • Final Thoughts + Insight from Chris Hartley

Question of the Week: (1:04:25)

  • Last Week’s: At what stage of construction do you put your homes in the MLS, and why?
  • This Week: Should we kill story time or keep it?

To answer the Question of the Week, be sure to join us in the Market Proof Marketing Facebook Group.

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