Ever wonder how your email blasts stack up. I stumbled across this article that reviews average open, click, bounce and abuse complaint rates by industry.

Mailchimp scanned over 272 million emails and their results are listed per industry here>>

MailChimp states: “These stats aren’t pulled from a survey of big giant corporations with million-dollar marketing budgets and dedicated email marketing teams. 70% of our customers are 1-10 employees, and they’re design-it-yourselfers. If you run a small organization, and you do your own email marketing, now you have an “apples to apples” comparison with others in your industry.”

Real Estate Averages:
Open Rate – 22.16%
Click Rate – 4.27%
Soft Bounces – 1.87%
Hard Bounces – 4.18%
Abuse Complaints – 0.07%
Unsubscribes – 0.30%

Would anyone like to share their email results? Leave a comment…anonymously if needed. I know how protective we builders can be :)

This amazing resource has been downloaded over 3,000 times by real estate professionals all over the world.