By Cyndi Wright – Project Manager at Mike Lyon Group

It has been months of planning and preparation here at the office for the big day.  After all of this hard work, the time has finally come for the Supercharged Sales Managers Conference. And despite seeing all of the planning from the back end… I have absolutely NO IDEA what to expect! This will be my first time attending a Sales Conference, and I’m very eager to see what all of the hype is about.

My First Impressions

Walking into the conference room, I’m impressed. A TON of books and giveaways are arranged in front of every spot and the setup is world class. All in all, the room looks very professional and…fun! Not at all like the stuffy, boring, conference set up I was expecting (much to my delight).

And the Conference Begins

Mike Lyon welcomes the crowd and introduces  Myers Barnes, and I’m immediately stuck on every word. I look around the room, and see the same response from the rest of the crowd. Myers talks to the crowd as if he is one of us. He walks around the room, makes eye contact, and calls people out by name. I find my notebook filling up as I scribble fervently.

Next up, Mike Lyon takes the stage and I  watched the crowd sit on the edge of their seat, as he introduced new data and statistics that will have a huge impact on how builders do business in 2013. The bottom line, technology and the online landscape has forever changed how we market and sell homes.

Day 2 – Winding down….or not!

The next day at breakfast, I enjoyed conversing to the 100+ other attendees about how excited they were for this day’s events. These feelings mirrored mines exactly. More real world info, best practices and of course – an iPad giveaway.

I was surprised to see the same energy on Day 2, as the first day! After all of the information shared on Day 1, I couldn’t believe there was so much more to learn! And, shockingly of all, the momentum NEVER DIED!

I was astounded by the conference as a whole. The positivity and excitement felt in the air let me know that my fellow attendees shared my sentiments.

I can’t wait for next year!

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