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Intro – How Likeable Are You?

Are You Likeable Over The Phone? – Part 1

Are You Likeable Over The Phone? – Part 2 

We are finishing up the video series  “How To Be More Likeable Over The Phone And Email”. In the past two series (see links, if you missed them), we discussed how to be more likeable over the phone. In this portion of the series, we’ll discuss how to be more likeable via email.

When using email, it is even more important to communicate effectively. Not only are you stripping away all visual cues, you are now losing the benefit of voice tone and inflection as well.

Do your emails convey to your customer that you care? Does your conversational tone convey the right message, and match the tone of your customer? Does your spelling, grammar, and punctuation show your customer you care? Find out more about how to communicate effectively via email in this video.



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