qaI received this great question from Leigh on the East Coast:

I bought your book about a year ago and it has been my online marketing bible. At the time, I was the marketing director for a small-ish real estate firm. Eventually one of my builders needed more & more from me so that is now where I am now. I am dragging my builder (kicking & screaming… ha!) into this century with my marketing schedule, heavily revolved around reaching prospects online. This involves an immediate second release of their current website to include more methods to obtain consumer contact information. What advice do you have for a tech savvy marketing director starting a one-woman show from the ground floor up? Oh yeah — and with a limited budget!

It’s exciting, isn’t it! Starting from scratch. There are so many things to be done and so many possibilities, but you MUST focus on what will net you the best results first! By demonstrating a high ROI, you will be able to champion for more of the budget and convince them of the power of the internet. Here is how I would suggest starting your program.

  • Website First — Make sure it has all of the information properly displayed and strong calls to action. Work on converting the “low hanging fruit” — Those who have already made it to your website.
  • Online Process (this is a close 2nd) — Implement your CRM and fine tune your Online Sales Process to increase conversion rates of leads. Keep detailed statistics to show your builder how much he spends per lead, per appointment and per sale.
  • Tap Your Database — Develop a monthly newsletter to email current prospects in your database. A little bit of time and $30 a month will go a long way.
  • SEO — Increase you organic position on the search engines. This takes a little bit of time and/or money so you need to start now to gain the benefit in the long run.
  • Supplement with PPC — Start you targeted Pay-Per-Click program on Google to drive immediate traffic.
  • Listing Portals — List all or a portion of your inventory on the 3rd party listing services like, or Start with the ones that get the most traffic in your area.
  • In Your Spare Time — Take advantage of the free and powerful social networking sites like Facebook & Active Rain. Get your blog going and distribute great content through your own site and multiple profiles on these powerful networks.

The old question stands the test of time: How do you eat an Elephant?…one bite at a time!

Just make sure you don’t start with the butt!

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