In a previous post (Is Your Website Too Shallow?)  I suggested that most home builder and developer websites don’t have the amount of relevant content that they should. There simply isn’t enough to satisfy the obsessed prospects visiting your site. In order to help you begin your own brainstorming process on what you can do to better serve your future online visitors, I’ve listed over 25 items to consider as a starting point:

  • Minimum of 20 photos of each home (30+ ideal)
  • Photos of each kitchen in 4 different color / option combinations
  • Updated renderings or photos of every elevation
  • Minimum of 15 photos of each community
  • Intro / walk-through video of every home design
  • Intro video for every community
  • Text that tells a story:
    • What does it feel like to live in that floor plan
    • What does it mean to live in that location?
    • What might be a “typical” weekend?
  • Testimonial video for each community
  • Testimonial video for each home design
  • Video of the selection process
  • High res photos of all available finishes (close up)
  • HOA documents for every community
  • Section for community newsletter to be uploaded
  • Searchable location map
  • Photo of the view from each home site
  • Video overview of each key supplier / manufacturer
  • Listing of the 10 most popular selections / options
  • Listing of awards won (with descriptions)
  • Video answers to common questions by OSC
  • Featured businesses (employees that purchased)
  • Your New Home Owner Book in PDF form
  • Exterior color visualization tool
  • 2 minute spotlight videos on employees / roles
  • “Exploded” photos that show standard details
  • Detailed warranty / manuals section
  • Fully tagged and searchable photo galleries (not just a page or two)
  • Paint colors of every room from photos

Remember when you spend money on your own website you are investing in the future. Ads stop working as soon as you stop renewing your ad spend.

This list was originally included in an exclusive 12 page booklet for those that attended my PCBC marketing boot camp – drop me a note at and I’ll send you a PDF of the entire document).

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