Video Coaching: Putting the Passion First

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Mike Lyon
 February 28, 2011

Do you see what I see? As a sales person in real estate, if you could see and hear yourself from your customer’s point of view, how do you think you would do?

In this video I talk with Dan Jaqua, of Jaqua Realtors in Michigan, about Dialogue Coaching techniques.  Rather than traditional role playing and scripting, Dan uses video techniques to coach agents.

Dan says, “I believe most sales people have a passion for what they do, they just can’t convey it.”

How will you put your passion first when talking with your customers?

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  • Great post, Mike. I completely agree – training is just entertaining education…until it connects with behavioral change. And that change comes through disciplined, fine-point coaching.

    Coaching is one of the most misunderstood aspects of leadership. In home sales, too many managers think coaching sounds something like, “How many sales are you going to make this week/month?” That’s not coaching in the least.

    Dan has it right – coaching is about breaking down the presentation into the fine points and practicing until it is an engrained skill. None of this one-and-done role play stuff. Find the specific opportunity and coach specifically and precisely to that opportunity.

    It takes boldness, but it gets results!

    • Glad you liked Jeff! Dan spent some time talking about how he conducts the coaching which is spot-on. What I liked, the small web cam on the desk is not obtrusive. Makes it easier without a camera in the face.

  • Wow! Having your elevator speech / business pitch critiqued right on the spot? That takes a lot of courage. Great video, great topic, and way to use yourself as the example.

    Mike, you’re a true leader.

    • Ha Jim – you say “courage”, I think I am just stupid enough – so it looks like I a brave.