(Video) 90% of Home Buyers Use the Internet, Social Media Power Tools

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Mike Lyon
 December 1, 2009

I’m going to try a new format and hope that you enjoy it. One of my biggest hurdles in creating content and sharing info on the blog is the process of getting it from my head to the written word. It is a serious challenge – plus I have to make sure my grammar is correct (I know you have seen the typos) 

With that in mind, I am going to be posting video blogs as a way to share concepts, ideas and tips. Let me know what you think. I also need your help developing a theme. Any brilliant ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Don’t be shy. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. 

Links and Info

Here is the link to the article summary from the NAR – It states that 90 percent use the Internet and, although buyers also use other resources, they generally start the search process online and then contact an agent.

Also, when buyers were asked where they first learned about the home  they purchased, 36 percent of buyers said a real estate agent; 36 percent the Internet and only 2 percent from a newspaper.

Tweetable News

How do you manage all your social networks? Here are the details on the recent development of Tweetdeck connecting with multiple sources. Details >>

Hootsuite, a site that allows you to delay postings and updates, is adding the ability to connect with Facebook and LinkedIn. Details >>

Shout Out

Finally, a great job to the NAHB on connecting to the industry. Nick Barron has his hands full but is doing a great job.
You can find all their sources to connect with here >>

Anything I missed, anything to add. Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

  • Hi Mike,
    Love the video format. The quality is great. Listening to a blog is much easier than skimming and reading.

  • Thanks Jim! So far the feedback has been good – except that I need to shorten it. I think I'll break it up and spread out the posts. I appreciate the comment.

  • Hey Mike! I actually LOVE the new format because it allows me to put you up on my second monitor and listen/watch while I continue to work. I'm not sure this should be a replacement though of written blog posts only because it will be more difficult for me to share great posts with friends who may not want to listen through the whole video. Maybe a great format for a weekly review of previous posts? Or perhaps you could have it broken out into smaller text post formats that you post throughout the next week? Just like your comment that Realtors are still a vital part to new home sales – text blog posts are still going to be a vital part of social media for a while to come. This is a great ADDITION though!!

  • Thanks Kevin. I appreciate your feedback. So far – many have said it is a little long. I think I will split it into smaller segments. You are right – I won't completely replace the text posts. Keep it mixed up. Thanks!

  • tannerbrewster

    Mike, just wanted to say great job. Look forward to seeing more posts. Like Jim said, much easier to watch a blog then to read one.

  • Thanks Tanner! I am glad you liked it. More on the way. Any topics you want covered?

  • bigbuilder

    Mike, love the video blog. Am thinking of moving that direction myself. But yes, I think shorter is probably a little better. Learned that myself in putting together the video components for http://www.bigbuilderconference.com. With so much info, it's hard to keep it short, but if you can crack the code, it's very powerful. Keep up the good work and let's brainstorm some social media coverage ideas for IBS…

  • Thanks Sarah! I have loved your video posts. Yes – let's talk about some new and fun ways to socialize at IBS. Talk to you soon.

  • Hey Mike
    Great job on the video blog! No question that watching and listening is better than reading. Is it just me or does it sound like you're almost whispering? Kids asleep in the next room? 🙂
    Loved it!

  • You know – I think I was worried about yelling at the camera…I'll speak up for you next time…

  • billarieno

    Hi Mike,
    I thought the video blog was a great addition. I was able to listen and continue to work. Hope to meet in person at IBS. Took a year off so I am thrilled to attend again this year!!

  • Bill – thanks for the feedback. Let's definitely connect at IBS. How are things in New York?

  • billarieno

    Mike-Market is difficult but in upstate New York we did not experience the boom so the bust is not horrible. Every sale is a chore but I love it after 24 yrs.

  • billarieno

    Mike-Market is difficult but in upstate New York we did not experience the boom so the bust is not horrible. Every sale is a chore but I love it after 24 yrs.

  • Polly Jenkins

    Great. Video's the way to go. The only name for your video blog is “Lyon Share”.