Training & Consulting


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Over 90% of homebuyers start their search online. As a lead generation tool, the internet offers a unique combination of high volume, low cost, targetability and measurability. However, the sheer volume of online leads can overwhelm the traditional sales process. As advances in technology continue to reshape the consumer and seller landscape, are you confident that your sales staff is keeping pace?
Don’t let your front line team get left behind in a cloud of digital dust. Recent studies show that more than 50% of leads are mismanaged! This reality dooms many marketing strategies to a vicious cycle of low lead conversion and, ultimately, failure. It’s time to take your sales to the next level with a powerful consulting and training program.
Immediately produce more leads, more appointments and more sales! You will now have a partner in success to help create a world class Online Sales Program and reboot your sales process.    [theme_button type=”theme_button large” link=””]Contact Us Today[/theme_button]
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Online Sales Team

online_salesReceive best-in-class training and a proven process that has been developed and time-tested in the trenches. Take advantage of a knowledge base and curriculum built on Mike’s intensive research and experience from managing thousands of inbound emails and phone calls generated from online marketing efforts. Your team will learn a bullet-proof process to convert more browsers to buyers, establish clear goals and create accountability.

Sales Agents

sales_trainingIs it time to reboot, refresh, and revive your sales process? Homebuyer shopping behaviors and preferences have changed. The way they shop for a home has dramatically shifted over the past few years. Learn all the skills, tools, and technology required to enhance your sales process and gain the competitive edge.

Executive Coaching

executivefAre you a marketing or sales leader striving to stay current in the fast-paced world of online sales and marketing? Do you need new ideas to attract more online consumers and convert them to qualified walk-in prospects that close 30% of the time? With a coaching relationship, Mike will speed up the learning curve and help you avoid costly mistakes. Take advantage of deep research and proven methods from hundreds of successful campaigns focused on internet marketing for home builders.

[/one_full_row] [prk_styled_title align=”center” text_color=”#141414″ show_lines=”yes” use_italic=”” title_size=”small”]Feedback[/prk_styled_title] [pirenko_blockquote author=”Mary Becker // Schumacher Homes” margin=””]Working with Mike Lyon has taken the performance and results of our National Sales Center to the next level and beyond. He is cutting edge in his use of technology but also maintains a customer focus striving for the optimal customer experience. He understands the needs of an Inside Sales department because he has lived it which gives him great credibility with the Online Sales Consultants. Mike is one of the sharpest people in the homebuilding industry today![/pirenko_blockquote][pirenko_blockquote author=”Robyn Asbury // Richmond American Homes” margin=””]Mike’s consulting services have been a tremendous asset to our organization as his cutting edge thinking has pushed our online sales program beyond my expectations. The incredible ROI our program has experienced in this housing market continues to speak for itself.[/pirenko_blockquote][pirenko_blockquote author=”Kevin Oakley // Marketing Director – Heartland Homes” margin=””]Our online sales rate has increased nearly 300% since we began working with Mike. We just hired our second full time online sales consultant, and I know this is a key part of why we’re beating all the national trends.[/pirenko_blockquote][pirenko_blockquote author=”Greg Simmons // Simmons Homes” margin=””]The Online Sales Program Mike created has been one of the primary factors in our sales growth. What a great return on investment! Every builder, no matter how big or small, should have program like this.”[/pirenko_blockquote] [/prk_section]  

This amazing resource has been downloaded over 3,000 times by real estate professionals all over the world.