Batman Has an iPhone – Do You?

Posted by
Mike Lyon
 March 23, 2010

Lose the dumb phone! You’ve got to have the right tools to be cool. But more importantly you have to have the right tools to run your business.

Real estate is visual.  What’s the best way to convey that to potential buyers? Shoot a video.  Use your smart phone, or if you want to make a very minor investment in the same tool I used recently at the International Builders’ Show then for just $199 you can buy a flip mino. It’s a little tiny camera, but it packs a big punch.

Take a look at this video, (Shot with my flip mino) the third in a series from my presentation at IBS.  This will give you some great tools and ideas to work with to enhance your real estate business.

Let’s talk about content ideas.

What is your secret sauce? Throw out some content ideas.

To view the 4 part series click here.

  • I'm weakening to get a new phone. Right now, I have the Blackberry 8800 – no camera! Had tried the Tour (with camera) but it didn't work right with my car.

    The Droid is calling my name (Verizon Wireless) – but wondering if I should hold out for iphone later this year? Not sure if I'd like not having a keyboard, though – as I tried the first BB Storm and HATED it!

  • Brad…tough call. I just love the iPhone because of all the apps…I really think it is more about the apps than the phone. Obviously, some people hate ATT if the service is bad. I have had pretty good luck. iPhone gets my vote.

  • Did you guys see the new 4G iphone that got leaked by Gizmoto? I already use the iPhone 3G and love it, but the 4G has some crazy cool stuff, like a front and back facing camera (video chat anyone). I think it will be coming out in June…? I've also heard that it may be available with Verizon, which people tend not to hate as much as ATT. My two cents.

  • We'll see – the iPhone has a lot of competitors now…they need to take it up a notch.