It’s Time to Build A New Virtual Model Home

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Mike Lyon
 September 2, 2010

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What kind of an impression would you make if people searching for a new home show up at your model home and you have no furniture, a small desk in a dimly lit corner and weeds in the flower beds? When they ask for a brochure, a salesperson hands them a crinkly piece of paper with the prices scribbled on it. Needless to say, I’m sure you wouldn’t expect a return visit from them any time soon.

Sadly, this may be what’s happening on your website. How many browsers abandon their online search after visiting your homepage because of the lack of information, complicated navigation, “under construction” pages and poor or outdated design? If 90+% of new home buyers are starting their search online (have I hammered that statistic home yet?), then it is highly likely that your website will be their first impression of you as a builder.

Ask yourself: What kind of impression is my site making? Does it accurately reflect the image I have in the community? Maybe you don’t know…maybe you think you know. You must look at your site with a fresh eye and make sure that you have all of the pieces of the puzzle in their proper positions – and that they’re easy to access.

Don’t pucker up too much when it comes to attracting qualified prospects.

  • KevinOakley

    By now most of us have heard that people shop by the process of elmination when purchasing a new home which is a GREAT reason in and of itself to make sure your web site is putting your best foot forward… but people are also shopping by the building of trust.

    When people see an ad, they will trust it at face value if they have no prior experience with the company. When they log on to your web site they are looking to see two main things:

    1. Do they offer homes in the area/price range/style I am looking for…

    2. Are the things I see on their website matching up to the promises they made in their ad (ie: trust building).

    This continues throughout the shopping process. When they arrive on-site is the community in good shape or are there weeds growing? Is the sales person helpful and friendly or cold and self-centered? All the while you have to build trust to get the sale, but it starts with the website.

    We are about to launch our 2nd new site since I've been with my builder in the last three years. It's not cheap, it WORKS, and I can PROVE IT with metrics. Can you do that with your ads in newspaper, radio, etc?

    Of course having a great website without a full time online sales councelor is madness. It's like keeping your physical models staffed with part time assistants on the weekends…

  • Great points Kevin! Looking forward to seeing the sexy new site live on the web! I KNOW it will be awesome!

  • Brian Smallwood

    Mike, we just posted this on our FB page. Great article.

  • Thanks for sharing Brian.

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